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24 FEBRUARY - 8 MARCH 2017

by Frank Hoogerbeets

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28 January 2017, 20:24 UTC

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In the last week of February and the first week of March there will likely be a significant increase in seismic activity with the highest probability of an 8+ magnitude earthquake around 4 March.

The anticipated seismic increase starting around 24 February will contrast sharply with only a few planetary alignments from the last week of January to the third week of February.

On 24 February two planetary alignments will occur both involving Mars and Venus. The first alignment will be Mars-Venus-Jupiter at 4:24 UTC. The second alignment will be Venus-Mars-Uranus at 11:57 UTC. Earth will be very close to these alignments as it will be within 0°38' of the Jupiter-Uranus resonance vector. This will become apparent in the following days when Earth lines up with the aforementioned planets except Venus.

The convergence of alignments on the 24th may initially cause higher 6 to 7 magnitude seismic events on the planet on the 24th and 25th.

On the 25th Jupiter, Mars and Uranus will reach their alignment at 10:27 UTC. Venus and Earth will be very close to this alignment:

  • Venus relative to Mars-Jupiter: 0°45'59"
  • Venus relative to Mars-Uranus: 0°42'15"
  • Venus relative to Jupiter-Uranus: 0°14'52"

  • Earth relative to Mars-Jupiter: 1°11'44"
  • Earth relative to Mars-Uranus: 1°04'44"
  • Earth relative to Jupiter-Uranus: 0°30'37"

While the possibility of increased seismic activity continues, with the potential of an 8+ magnitude earthquake between the 24th and 27th according to the Earth Harmonics involved, a New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the 26th at 14:31 UTC may initially prevent seismic activity to go over low 7 magnitude.

Then, on the 27th Earth itself will be involved in two alignments, first with Mars and Uranus at 0:12 UTC and then with Mars and Jupiter at 14:05 UTC. As a result, increased seismic activity over 6 magnitude is likely to continue on the 28th and into March.

Undoubtedly, the most critical time-frame will be the first week of March, because of the multiple alignments in the previous week and the highly critical convergence of Earth’s alignments with Jupiter and Uranus as well as with the Sun and Neptune on 2 March.

On 2 March Earth will line up first with the Sun and Neptune at 2:45 UTC. Only a few hours later at 6:22 UTC the Sun will have its second alignment, with Mercury and Venus. Then, at 23:48 UTC Earth also lines up with Jupiter and Uranus, which significantly adds to the possibility of a high 7 magnitude earthquake between the 1st and 3rd of March.

More amplified resonances will be added by Mercury from 2 to 7 March when the planet will be part of four alignments, three of which involve the Sun and one involving the Earth and Neptune on the 4th. In this time-frame the Moon reaches first quarter on the 5th growing to full on the 12th, which will add more tension to Earth’s crust.

As stated, on the 4th Earth lines up with Mercury and Neptune at 11:03 UTC. This is the third alignment of Earth with a gas giant within only 36 hours. This significantly raises the potential for an 8+ magnitude earthquake between the 4th and 8th, possibly triggering a coastal event.

Following Earth’s critical alignments, around 7 March the Moon will be influenced by multiple resonance vectors, most notably the powerful Jupiter-Uranus resonance, while Earth lines up with the Sun and Mercury, followed by Venus-Mercury-Neptune early on the 8th.

In all, there will be twelve planetary alignments in only two weeks, from 24 February to 8 March. This is similar to the fifteen planetary alignments last December causing a seismic increase with three large 7 magnitude earthquakes.

The convergence of planetary alignments in this time-frame has the potential of producing large earthquakes well over 7 magnitude with the highest probability of a great earthquake (8 to 9 magnitude) and tsunami from 4 to 8 March.

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